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Dharamsala, has a vibrant environment, with dense green forests with Deodara trees and pine trees. Dharamsala has been blessed with many clear and uncontaminated streams and a healthy virgin environment. The place has been recognized as one of the best picnic spots in India. One of them is “Triund Hill”.

Triund hill is situated at a stature of around 2,842 meters above ocean level and with a separation of around 9 kilometers from McLeodganj and 17 kilometers from Dharamsala. In the middle of your trek, if amply fortunate, you can see the fowls like Snow capped Precursors and wild creatures like musk deer and mountain bear. When you reach at the principal campground Triund, of Triund Slope, you will wind up remaining before the strong and humble looking Dhauladhar. On a perfect day, you can have an enchanted perspective of Kangra alongside the slopes encompassing Triund Slope. When you reach Illaqa/Lake your spirit can encounter the positive vitality that Dhauladhar Mountain scatters off all around. Many of The shepherds, climbers, and trekkers used this way to Indrahar-Pass Jot to reach Chamba. Triund has the supercilious point of view and gave a tremendous view to the entire planet. Triund distance to Mcleodganj is around14 km and 9km from Gallu Devi Temple.


On the Triund Hill, you can find a historical temple the Shri Kunal Pathri Devi. The temple of Shri Kunal Pathri Devi is situated at the highest point of Triund Hill so; anyone can get the gorgeous and eye-catching view of Kangra valley, Dhauladhar Mountain, and Dharamshala.

At present time, Triund has turned into a well-known trail among the residential voyagers and the global vacationers, particularly the remote holidaymaker, making it a one of the most loved travel point, for example climbing and outdoors goal and a slope station in India, Himachal Pradesh. Nearby travelers come here for the cookout and for diversion and it’s also the heaven for the adventures and the sports lovers like Paragliding. Despite the fact that the appropriate take off-site for Paragliding in close to the sanctuary of IndruNagm, which can be reached from the way to Khanyara by means of Kotwali Bazar, Dari town or Sidhpur.

The trek begins with climbing a lofty angle from McLeodganj to Triund. You can enjoy the beauty of the thick deodar and oak trees and in the spring season, all the way of Triund is loaded up with bunches of wild roses. The new, fresh air through these trees fills your soul with energy and gives you solidarity to reach Triund Slope. Besides the Truind is situated at the hill but still, you can find the three to 5 shops for tea, breakfast, lunch. Eatable things are minimal costly here because of transportation cost. But anyone who enjoys cooking the food also carries their cooking set or other appliances.  If you want to stay here, you can also book the room at rest House and two private visitor houses. You can likewise contract the tent and cost begins from 700/ – INR and that incorporate, tangled mat and portable bed for a night.

Amid offseason lodgings in Dharamsala and McLeodganj are practical and moderate. From McLeodganj you first reach Dharamkot and after that Shri Galu Devi sanctuary. The track from Shri Galu Devi sanctuary gets a touch of intense, with soak bends and moderate trails. It takes you around 3 to 4 hours to reach Triund Slope, contingent upon every person. On your approach to Triund, you will go to enjoy some snacks. For the adventure lover, 3 kilometers away you can achieve the Snowline Cafe, run and claimed by Mr. Jai Chand Sharma. In snowline you will also discover stone cottages which were utilized by Gaddi Shepherds, Illaqa is utilized by shepherds for brushing their animals for some time. At a distance of about 2.5 kilometers, you will reach Lahesh Buckle. Around 20 individuals easily can take shelter in the Lahesh Cave.


Time to go Triund Hill: – Triund climate is most suitable for the travelers. But the best time to visit in August and October. Do you love to see the snowfall and want to play with the snow? Then come from December to March month. If you are interested to come here at cold days then please keep your worm cloth with you. Triund climbing resembles hard for the ones who are new in trekking, climbing, and outdoors, while for intermediates it is simple climbing and for expert climbers and explorers, it is increasingly similar to a sloping walk.

Be careful during your trekking and climbing time at the Triund Hill. You can never Judge a hill with its height and trail. Now, how you can reach the Triund Hill, Illaqa in McLeodganj, and Dharamshala? Your first option to reach the destinations: – the Road, You can take the bus from Pathankot to Gaggal or Pathankot to Dharamsala. If anyone, come from New Delhi. Then take the bus from New Delhi to Chandigarh and then Kangra and finally Dharamsala. Second option Train The nearest railhead is at Pathankot (about 85 kilometers). And 3rd option to come at Air service and here you can find only one that is Gaggal Airport.

If you want to visit this amazing place and enjoy all activities on Triund Hill. You can either make a tour for one day climb or two to five days tour. Here are also some interesting other simple climbing goals close to Triund Hill that are Temple of Aadi Himani Chamunda Devi, Kareri Lake, Bagga Campground, Guna Mata, Lam Dal,  Gaj Pass, Minkiani Pass, Talang, Baleni Pass, Indrahar Pass,Bother Dal, Bohar Pass, BhimGasturi Pass, Toral Pass, Kundli Pass etc.

Other nearby places of Triund Hill

Bhagsunag Waterfalls: – The spectacular Bhagsunag waterfalls are located a little far from the city of Dharamsala. An ancient temple is also found in the frame.Bhagsu Nag Waterfall, Dharamshala , Himachal Pardesh ,INDIA

Dal Lake: – Surrounded by Deodara and fir trees, Dal Lake is another picturesque place only 10 kilometers away from Dharamsala.dal-lake-dharamshala

Kangra Fort: – Kangra Fort was once the stronghold and seat of power of the Katoch rulers, who ruled the country for more than 2000 years. Today, it is in ruins because of the devastating earthquake that shook the area in 1905.Kangra fort

Nurpur Fort: – Located 66 km from Dharamsala and 24 km from Pathankot, Nurpur Fort was built by Raja Basu more than a thousand years ago. Initially, it was known as Dhameri.


McLeod Ganj: – Affectionately referred to as the little Lhasa, McLeod Ganj attracts more fame than the residence of His Holiness the Dalai Lama than anything else. The small municipality, with clusters of monasteries and statues of Buddha, is one of the major tourist attractions of Dharamsala.

McLeod Ganj

Jwalamukhi Temple: – An almost two-hour tour that takes you to the famous Jwalamukhi Temple, dedicated to the Goddess of Light. There is no idol to worship, as such, in the temple. Rather a living constant blue flame, which emanates from the interior of the rocks, is not worshiped.

Jwalamukhi Temple

Chamunda Devi:- With the famous Dhauladhar waterfalls as a backdrop, Chamunda Devi Temple is not only important religious, but also offers breathtaking views of the high mountains and forests of Baner Khud, Lahala and Pathiar.


St. John Church: – As the unit of McLeod Ganj to Forsythe Ganj, the Church of St. John is in the middle. It also houses the tomb of Lord Elgin, one of the viceroys of British India.

St. John Church- kangra

At the nearby places of the Dharmshala you can find many guides and agents offer you sensible tracking packages. So tack the chance to track at Truind Hill and make your travel memorable.

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