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The Nahargarh Biological Park or the Nehrugarh Zoo Park is a famous addition to the bold tourism of Rajasthan. This biological park, situated on the Jaipur-Delhi highway, is located around the Nahargarh Fort. This park is situated on the banks of the Aravalli Hills border. This park was closed for years because it was Rajasthan’s chosen rescue center. Elephant safari was built to support environmental tourism in the Nahrugarh Biological Park. Recently, in June 2016, Ram Nivar Bagh Zoo or Jaipur Zoo has been shifted to Nahargarh Biological Park, which has filled it with better and different vegetation and animal species. Construction of the park started in the year 2013 and completed in March 2016.

New and important parts of the Nahargarh biological park that is Lion Safari, which is the first lion safari in Rajasthan. Lion Safari is spread over 36 hectares area. Four mini buses set up to roam here. All buses fully covered. Each bus covers in one and a half hours for the safari. The total cost of this project is Rs 4 crore. Last year the construction work of the Lion Safari was started. Under this, two doors have been made for the entrance door. Facilities like 10 Night Salter and Veterinary Compound have been developed to keep 3 water body, water tank, chowki, and night lions with about 3 km long and five – meter high financing.

The roar of 3 lions.

As you can get information, here 3 lions will be kept here. Their name is Tejas, Tripura, and Tara. Efforts are also being made to bring 10 lions from Gujarat’s Gir Sanctuary. This safari will not be for a limited time but tourists will be able to take advantage of it throughout the year.  Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje inaugurated the park in which the zoo was also included.

Nahargarh Park’s Elephant Safari

Nahargarh Parks Elephant Safari

Nahargarh Elephant Safari is a two-kilometer-long safari. Wild animals and birds can be seen here in large numbers. In this route, there are visible points of a bird’s eyes where different species of antique species and deer can be seen. Animals seen from elephant safari can be seen as tigers, leopards, lions, leopards, lazy bears, caracol, deer, hortil, crocodile, pangolin, shellfish, wild dogs, wolf, hyena, Senate, Russell, otter, fox, rhesus monkeys Could. Nahargarh Elephant Safari appreciates nature in a very exciting and entertaining way for tourists and becomes a unique experience to enjoy them. Birds and other wild animals in the park are not usually troubled by the elephant. Climbing hills on the back of elephants and enriched with magnificent views of the forest and hills. The Nahargarh biological park represents three ecosystems, namely Aravalli Eco-System, Wetland Ecosystem, and Desert Ecosystem. During the elephant ride, the natural habitat of all these ecosystems can be enjoyed.

You can see beautiful animals and birds in the park through the Elephant Safari in Nahargarh Biological Park. Hundreds of migratory water birds visit here in the winter season, such as large submersible, gray feet, goose, scream, pintail, teal, and surrounding forests are visited by the golden back woodpecker, Indian pita, and other beautiful birds. Birds of the park are also worth mentioning. Apart from this, peacocks, black-belts, short-eyed owls, various falcons, and other birds are also found in this park. It will take about six to seven hours to complete the elephant safari.

Opening time for the Nahargarh biological park

We aware that The Nahargarh biological park opening time is limited so be on time and don’t waste your time and don’t late for the Safari.  Time of the The Nahargarh biological park is 9am–5pm every day.

How to reach.

You can easily cover the distance from Jaipur International Airport to the Nahargarh biological park within 57 minutes by bus. If you want to know about the bus then you can cover the distance from Jaipur Railway Station to the Nahargarh biological park within 51 minutes by bus or car. And from Jaipur bus stand you will take 33 minutes by the bus or car to the Nahargarh biological park. These are easily available convinces in the Jaipur. So enjoy the vacations.

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