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“Better to live one year as a Tiger, then a hundred as the sheep,” No one like a Tiger as he lives. But from the long period they had been hunted. The tigers were killed on the ground that posed a danger to human. But in the 1900s, some of Britisher’s suggesting the National Park in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand. That particular area considered as the “Game reserve” in 1907. In 1955–56 this park known as Corbett National Park. At present time it’s also called as Jim Corbett National Park. When Sir Malcolm Hailey was the Governor that time Hunting was not allowed in the reserve, only timber cutting for domestic purposes. Soon after killing and capturing of mammals, reptiles and birds within its boundaries were prohibited.


Jim Corbett National Park’s aspire to protect the terrestrial flagship species that are the tiger, the Asian elephant and the great one-horned rhinoceros. This national park comes under the thirteen protected areas covered by the World Wide Fund for Nature. At present, the area of the park is 1,318.54 square kilometers (509.09 sq. mi). This tiger territory to secure the most imperiled species and the Illustrious of India called Tigers.

While the aim to construct the Corbett national park protection of wildlife, but now days it’s also a famous tourist place. Between Novembers to June called the main tourist seasons and during this period 46000 to 60000 visitors visit the ultimate place. This is the only forest of India that allows the night stays insight the forest. It’s very much old national park. And here 7 sorts of amphibians, the crested serpent eagle, seven kinds of fish. Around 488 special species of plants you can find in the park. More than 586 kind of resident and roving birds have been classified, as well as blossom-headed parakeet, and the red jungle fowl —ancestor of all domestic capon, 33 types of reptiles, and 36 species of dragonflies have also been verified.

The tourism Corbett National Park has been divided into five different zones.

  • Bijrani Safari Zone: – Admired as the tourist’s hub due to its copious natural attractiveness and open grasslands.
  • Dhela Safari Zone: – Attracts the large number of tourists because of its affluent flora and fauna.
  • Jhirna Safari Zone: – Also the important zone and Jhirna Safari Zone open for all over year.
  • Durga Devi Zone: – This zone is paradise for the bird lover. It’s situated on the north-eastern frontier of the Jim Corbett National Park.
  • Dhikala Zone: – Famous for exotic fauna and night stay within the Dhikala Tourism Zone.

At this vast Jim Corbett National Park, you can do a lot of activities like:-

Corbett Museum: – Corbett Museum is a cabin that previously had a place with Jim Corbett-the outstanding tiger traditionalist and contains his diaries, his own possessions, letters composed by him just as his accompanying person, collectibles and uncommon photos. It’s open for all days of the week but only 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM. And about the fee for entrance INR 10 per person for Indians, INR 3 per person for students but with valid ID cards, INR 50 per person for foreign tourists.

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Jungle Safari: – Jim Corbett National Park offers five safari zones that are the Bijrani zone, the Dhikala zone, the Durgadevi zone, the Dhela zone, and the Jhirna zone. One another which is not the part of the Corbett National Park that is the Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary and also known as the Sitabani Zone. With the excited jungle safari, you can watch the Royal Bengal Tiger, jackal, wild boar, sambar deer, Himalayan bear, Himalayan goral, elephant, barking deer, hog deer, Sloth, and many additional sorts of animals, birds and reptiles. They live here very proudly and naturally in this protected area. Here, opening and closing timing are different from each other in summer and winter. For Indian’s: INR 1,500 – INR 4,500 and for foreigner’s: INR 3,000 – INR 6,000. Enjoy the activity with Jungle safari.


River Rafting: – with other activities here also enjoy the River Rafting and other water sports at the Kosi River. Kosi River not inside the Jim Corbett National Park but the prime resource of the water for the wildlife of the Jungle. As it’s not inside the forest so for some activity it’s free.


Garjia Temple and Durga Temple: – This temple at the top of a huge rock in the middle of Kosi River and devoted to the Goddess Parvati and great fair performed on Karthik Poornima. Durga Temple is an ancient temple in the forest, and lots of tourist attracts from their stunning beauty.

At the Jim Corbett national park, besides these activities you can also do other activities like Elephant Ride, enjoy Corbett Waterfall, go for Dhikala, feel the peace at Sitabani Temple, Angling (fishing) in Corbett. All fill the excitement in your life. Enjoy all the forest and see all the animals.

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