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Discover best Boudhanath Stupa Tours and trips at affordable price. Explore facts and things to to do there at Nepal Boudhanath Stupa with family tour packages. The Main attraction of the Boudhanath is the Boudhanath Stupa. Boudhanath Stupa Built during the fifth century AD, it is now one of the most popular Buddhist places in Nepal, and pilgrims can be seen circumambulating the structure chanting mantras. It is especially spectacular during the night when the place is decorated with lamps. Remember to walk around the stupa clockwise and roll the prayer wheels in the same direction. It is recommended not to take pictures of people without asking permission. So take photographs of the stupa and its surroundings by the permission of authority, because this is a very photogenic place to take lovely images.

Boudhanath Stupa

For a long period, Boudhanath has been played important role for pilgrimage and used in the meditation by Tibetan and local Nepalese Buddhists. The culture is largely from the Himalayas with a strong presence of the Tibetans and Sherpas, as evidenced by their restaurant numbers selling momos, thupkas and other typical Tibetan dishes. Around Boudhanath, especially near the stupa, many Tibetan Buddhist monks with their brown dresses can be seen. Like a daily ritual, many people walk three or more times around the stupa while repeating the mantra “Om Mani Padme Hum,” either silently or loudly. During the days of full moon, or the near days, the air often becomes thick due to the incense and the mantras sung by the monks. Boudhanath is a fascinating and very spiritual area.

Enters fee for the foreigners is 400 rupees. You can eat delicious food or have a tea or coffee in one of the many restaurants around the stupa or nearby streets. Take a tour of the monasteries and convents. It is recommended to practice good manners in this tour. Before entering, you always have to ask the monks or nuns for permission to see the place. Some of the monasteries are delighted with the visits; they even offer guided tours, classes, offerings, meal services and even gift shops. In your sacred places you have to be respectful, do not smoke, turn off mobile phones, talk quietly, leave your shoes outside before entering the temples or buildings or ask before taking pictures.

Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour

Keep in mind that monks and nuns live in these sanctuaries and convents, and that they are not dedicated to the tourist attraction. Although, most of them accept with gratefulness. If you are also interested for the handcraft pieces in that case you can buy or look at one of the many craft shops around the stupa. Here you can find many objects related to Buddhism and Tibet such as statues, prayer flags or incense, among others. Noteworthy are the prayer bowls made by hand and used for centuries by the monks of the Himalayas, and used today by healers, therapists or musicians.

Ok remember one thing, in hallowed places you should dress with respect, leave your shoes outside before entering the temples. Get around the stupa or other sacred objects in the direction of clockwise, preserve peace and tranquility. Do not climb on statues or sacred objects or do not take pictures of people without asking permission. There are several hotels and guesthouses in Boudhanath. It is recommended to arrive with time and check several accommodations before deciding, in order to find that place that best suits our tastes or our budget. Remember that it is also possible to stay in monasteries. If you are interested in renting a room for a week or a month you can take a look at the notice boards in some cafes.

You can get to Boudhanath by taxi from the airport, or from Thamel. If you want to be left near the stupa you have to tell the driver to leave you at the “Boudha Stupa main Gate”. There are also buses and vans that transport passengers from Kathmandu and the surrounding roads to Chabahil. From Chabahil you can take another bus or van to the main door of the stupa, or walk about 20 minutes to it. Most of the places of interest of Boudhanath are located near the stupa and can easily be visited on foot.

Nearby places, where you can go after the Boudhanath Stupa that are Ajima / Hariti shrine, there are twenty of monasteries around Boudhanath. Like Tamang Gompa, the old and new Dazang monasteries the north Shechen Gompa, Taragaon Museum, Swayambhunath, Pashupatinath Temple, Kathmandu Valley etc. Enjoy all the top attractions of Kathmandu with full heart.

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